sexual harassment

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my thoughts on an issue from a slashdot article.. figured i would share..

aggressive pressure or intimidation.

how is one instance considered aggressive? I could see the person saying “i do not want to talk about this.” and the other person continuing anyway as being harassment. However, with a single instance being considered harassment, how is one supposed to gage what is and isn’t harassment? What if I were to suggest that someone should try a restaurant? This meets all the criteria of being what is currently considered harassment but is not considered harassment. What one person considers unwelcome, another might not. So when some person says that one thing is harassment they are unequivocally saying that the people that welcome the suggestion are unimportant. Which, in a world where everyone is wining about equal rights, which happens to be the proponents of this paradox (not exclusively but majority), this is just hypocritical. I’m not saying that harassment should be ignored but rather that it should be defined as it actually is rather than a presumed definition. If a person lives without proposals then that person misses opportunity. Just because it is sexual in nature does not make it the black plague of opportunity. It is just another potential option in a world of options. If no one should be offered something that they do not want to do then why isn’t the fact that when people who are on welfare are told to get a job when they don’t want to isn’t considered harassment? …Or when you’re told to eat your vegetables? ..Or that truancy is considered a crime? ..Or that mental health patients take their medications? Reproduction unlike education is a natural part of life. Albeit, education is useful, it is not as ingrained and necessary as reproduction to continue existing as a species. The human race is defined by it, and we solely exist because of it. If any other bodily function, say eating, were as “unwelcome” as sex… Well, what then about someone with an eating disorder? (Maybe not the best example…meh) Should suggesting they eat be harassment?