rebirth a new minimalism

3 minute read

I destroyed every single computer that i own. I needed a break from everything. even tablets and my phone. However, ma gave back the tablet that i gave her because she didn’t use it. so now im using that.. it does what i need it to, i guess… which isn’t much. I think that if i do plan on getting any other computers i will focus on eco-friendly, low-power, underdog computers. something that gives me the power to do what i want and nothing more.

I have been losing interest in technology lately. So tired of having my face in a screen being able to do whatever i want.. any game, any os, whatever. the raspberry pi has kind of piqued my interest a bit. its more relevant to the ideals which interested me in the first place. openness. efficiency. hackability. low-cost, etc.

I think i will add portability to that list, maybe.

Something i would like to see added to mobile devices… or rather replaced entirely, is e-ink displays. It might be a bit of a niche market, but I think there is something viable there that hasnt yet been explored enough.

Just think, some selling points of an e-ink smartphone or tablet would be price, battery life, and readability. All of these free smartphones (aka obamaphones or as i think of it, bananaphones.. nothing racial implied.. i just love the bananaphone song and obama/banana are similar words. ring ring ring ring bananaphone!) anyway. all of these free smartphones could be cost-reduced, and more efficiently utilized. E-ink displays could reduce data-consumption, i think. I mean, one probably wouldn’t be watching a video on it.. which is something for which i have no use. That is a big killer. How many times have you heard about a cellular company bitching about network usage?

moving on.

I was wanting to buy a one-person tent to add to a bug-out bag. for those unaware, a bug-out bag is a bag that one puts together before an emergency or catastrophy so that person has supplies when the shit hits the fan. Personally, i am using it to…well..bug out… for when i just need to get away, i can grab my bag and just wander off somewhere relatively private and remote and easily set up a quick camp.
Anyway, Ma suggested i just use the tent she already has. So, i dug it out of pa’s basement and set it up on his porch to air out and to clean it a bit while it rained..and after. So it is sitting on his porch, but it is big enough to hold about 3-4 people. which makes it heavy.. maybe i should just get a rack for my bike.. it would be easier to carry it and some other things that way. I wonder where I could find a very efficiently designed chair…

Ive been cleaning a lot. rediscovered my germaphobia. I now have my second can of lysol, a bottle of bleach, and have sprayed/cleaned literally every place that i touch, or might touch, with bleach.. then have gone around and maintained it with spritz of lysol every so often. I cleaned the obvious spots in my room with bleach, sprayed them with lysol, then while bored cleaned most everything with a rag and rubbing alcohol. everything in the drawers, every visible surface sans walls and pictures.. I went through the boxes in my closet and found that most of the stuff i could get rid of because i decided that if it is something that i thought might have a purpose but i haven’t yet found that purpose, i would just throw it away. I have put all of my computer stuff that i didn’t break into a storage chest that’s in the bottom of my closet. it is filled to the brim. that gave me a place to put my pants.

So, i am sitting here on the porch using an app called “mr hyde”. I have not used this app before so I am hoping it actually posts this. If it works, it is in the android app store and it is for blogging on github pages with jekyll. The interface is rather nice. Though, it could be updated to better utilize a tablet’s screen-size.