Data obfuscation

1 minute read

Well.. I have been thinking about some software that just clicks every ad and searches for all the things to obfuscate my online profile created and sold by people like google. I finally decided to see if something was already made and, as it turns out, there was!

Ad Nauseam is a browser extension for chrome and firefox that will click every ad that it finds on a page, hide that ad, and block malicious ads based on updated lists that is configurable in the options. It will also generate a collage of all the ads it has clicked and optionally, it will allow non-tracking ads through.

I installed this a couple of days ago and it has been working great. My collage keeps growing and my “ad revenue” is around $400! Unfortunately, google blocked this from their store (i wonder why ha!). So to install it in chrome you have to download the .zip for ‘chromium’ on their download page, extract it, open up the extentions in the settings page, click developer mode, select ‘install unpacked extension’, and finally, select the directory that the .zip was extracted.

TrackMeNot is software that will search for things based on rss feeds… So when you search for whatever on google, theres a dozen other things being searched for simultaneously. This is also installed in my browser and I absolutely love the idea. So diabolical!
Also, it includes an option to include the list that DHS monitors! I’m still considering enabling that..

pretty sure i’m already on a list after looking at the cyber security list. :(